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Fairway Lawn Plans

Fairway Plans are meant to give your lawn a comprehensive treatment strategy. All treatments are customizable, with the following plans representing some of our most popular services that are packaged together. For 2024, we are offering 20% off all lawn care services to customers who add one of our additional programs (mosquito control or tree/shrub care). 

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  • Weed Control
    Our preventative treatments kill weeds before they appear while also targeting existing weeds to make sure your lawn stays pristine.
  • Fertilization
    We'll treat your yard with high-quality fertilizer to keep it looking healthy and green.
  • Aeration
    Our lawn technicians will aerate your yard, taking plugs from the soil that break down to provide nutrients to the roots. We will also apply new seed after aerating fescue yards in the fall, allowing for a thicker grass growth in your lawn.
  • Organic Treatment
    A one-time organic treatment is best applied after an aeration and greatly improves the growth of your grass and the health of your soil.
  • Mosquito Control
    Our mosquito control treatments help protect your family and guests from these harmful pests in your yard throughout the year.
  • Tree & Shrub
    Our technicians will treat the trees and shrubs around your house to not only make them look great, but to also keep them free of pests and growing better than ever before.

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