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Aeration is the process of taking plugs from the soil to allow important nutrients down into the root system of your yard. This annual process is a quick way to enhance your lawn every year.

Your lawn needs the right balance of air, water, and nutrients to stay healthy and beautiful throughout the year. This is even more necessary in Georgia where red clay makes root growth more difficult for every type of grass.

Aeration is the best way to provide these necessary elements to your lawn by:

  • Decompacting the soil to allow better nutrient contact

  • Taking plugs from the soil for increased water retention

  • Expanding and deepening the lawn's root system

  • Increasing airflow to the root system

  • Optimizing the soil for thicker grass growth


Try pairing an aeration with an organic fertilizer to expedite the growth process and to add even more nutrients to your lawn.

For Bermuda and Zoysia lawns, Aeration is done in the Spring.

For Fescue lawns, Aeration and Seeding is done in the Fall.

Call the office or purchase an aeration online today through your customer account.


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